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Web Development

The Surviving Storms | Caribbean Cyclone Cartography project maps hurricane impacts, learning and processes of repair in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean.

The site features a map – which contains stories and hazard data – to stand as an archive of risk and repair, an open-source prototype which fellow Small Island Developing States can apply to tell their own stories of, and for, survival in a warming world.

ArcGIS & Data Mapping


A large part of this site was the mapping project. The teams in Dominica spent months gathering data, photographs and information on the ground. This was then translated into a ESRI map. From here, we took selected layers and imported them into the Surviving Storms website.

The result is an interactive map, with customisable layers. The user can navigate between data layers to explore the island in their own way.

Data that can be switch on and off include Flood, Landslide Risk and Wind Data, generated onto custom geoJSON layers.