Introducing GraphicDoc

New for 2016, I’m pleased to offer GraphicDoc (Graphic Designer On Call), a subscription, by the hour, graphic design service. Available in a range of packages, starting at only 2 hours a month, GraphicDoc will give your business all the benefits of an in-house designer, without the employment costs. It means that you get graphic design services and brand continuity, but you only pay for what you need!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a graphic designer when you need, but not have to face the employment, tax, training, software and hardware costs involved with having an in-house designer? GraphicDoc from Jeanius! is a new, exciting way of accessing a graphic designer in an affordable & simple way. No matter what your budget, GraphicDoc can produce high-quality, branded material with a fast turnaround.

How does it work?

There are a range of packages available, starting at only 2 hours per month. This gives you a Graphic Designer On Call! You can use your hours however you like in a month – each project has been given an hourly value, so you know exactly what you can get for your monthly subscription. For example, if you want to send out a custom-designed, mobile responsive email newsletter, it could cost as little as £25. Do you send out an offer leaflet every month? That can be covered for as little as £50 a month!

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What is the benefit?

At the time of this blog, the average cost of employing a graphic designer is £38,766.45. That includes salary, tax, training, sick pay, software, insurance and more. When you take into account all of these things, employing a full-time designer is a pretty expensive investment for your business.
Having a Graphic Designer On Call means that you get all the benefits of an in-house designer, but none of the overheads. Outsourcing your design to GraphicDoc means that you get an experienced, fully trained designer who is constantly up-to-date with industry knowledge and uses the very latest hardware & software.

Taking out a subscription with GraphicDoc is much more cost-effective than commissioning individual pieces and projects. You’re also guaranteed to have your document back to you within 3 days.

Have more questions? Why not check out the FAQ page!

Alternatively, email me at and we can have a chat about your requirements!

6 questions you should be asking about your logo

Generally, your logo is one of the first things a potential customer sees. Whether it’s on a business card that you hand out, on your website, on a product label or as an avatar on your Twitter account – your logo is working very hard for you, without you noticing!

Why not try to answer these few questions and see how it scores!

1. Is it trustworthy?

Trust is a difficult thing to explain when you’re talking about a design. It’s all about the fine balance of elements that must come together in harmony. It’s about the typography chosen to represent you, it’s about the shapes and white space, that must give a sense of balance. If you have a thoughtfully composed and balanced logo, the chances are, it will give out a sense of quality and care – exactly what a potential customer needs to see.

2. Is it usable?

Your logo needs to be practical, no doubt about it. Gone are the days where it just needs to reproduce on a plain white piece of paper. Your logo needs to be versatile, it needs to work well in positive/negative and even as an overlay on images. It also needs to be resizeable and rescaleable – Can you imagine it as a tiny thumbnail on your Facebook timeline as well as a large-format printed version on a banner at a trade show, for example.

3. Is it memorable?

An obvious, but an important one! If you lined up your logo alongside 5 of your competitors, would it stand out? This is what your potential customers will be doing! Your logo should make a positive initial impression to lift you above your competition!

4. Is it timeless?

Redeveloping your logo is not something you want to be doing every couple of years. The importance of a logo is in brand recognition and continuity. Therefore, in order for it to really be successful, it should be able to grow with your business and give you flexibility. A logo shouldn’t rely solely on current design trends.

5. Does it reflect what your business does?

A very important one also. It’s all well and good being memorable and useable, but if there is no relevance to it, then it will not be successful. A logo needn’t be obvious, but it should be understood!

6. Are you proud of it?

Last but MOST important. Are you happy with your logo? Are you happy seeing it on a daily basis? Does it make you proud to say that this is YOUR company and for it to represent you? Think of it as a member of staff, if you like – would you give it a good appraisal?!

Your logo is the most worthwhile investment that you can make in your business – it is your label, it is your sales representative and your personality.

If you’re looking for help with your company logo, Jeanius! can help. I specialise in logo creation for start-ups, logo creation and implementation for existing businesses and can work with your existing logo to revamp and relaunch.

Email me at and see how I can work with you to help your businesses make the right impression.