What a year that was!

Crikey, I do apologise for the lack of posts here lately. It’s been an incredibly busy year here at Jeanius! and I’ve been focussing on building and investing in the business. I now have a range of hosting packages to take advantage of. Including Premium high-spec Linux servers specially built to ensure optimum performance for […]

Introducing GraphicDoc

New for 2016, I’m pleased to offer GraphicDoc (Graphic Designer On Call), a subscription, by the hour, graphic design service. Available in a range of packages, starting at only 2 hours a month, GraphicDoc will give your business all the benefits of an in-house designer, without the employment costs. It means that you get graphic […]

Graphic Design Glossary

As a follow up to the Web Design Glossary that I posted last week, here’s a handy guide to the most commonly used terms in the design world. This glossary is a handy guide and introduction to print production & graphic design, useful for both beginner designers and those looking to embark on a new […]

A Useful Web Design Glossary

There’s nothing more frustrating than reading through articles and not knowing what on earth they’re talking about – mostly due to the number of industry-standard terms and absolutely no glossary telling you what’s what! Today I’m going to give you that little glossary of commonly used web-design related words, phrases and acronyms – do let […]

Typography matters: What’s in a font?

Typography – one of my loves in life. I have dreams of old fashioned letterpresses and wooden block type. As a child of the ’80s, the memory of type for me is scrolling through the font list on Microsoft Works, trying to find the coolest lettering for my homework! Everyone makes a conscious decision to pick a […]

Do you need a website?

Yes. Without trying to write the shortest blog post in history, let me explain! Let’s say you meet someone at a networking event, or get chatting to someone in the local coffee house – you hand them one of your beautiful business cards. You go away feeling very happy with yourself that you’ve explained what […]

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