Jeanius! is a new, already award-winning design studio based in Malvern, Worcestershire. Established in June 2015, it is run by me, Jean Dunn-Bardo. Jeanius! was founded on a solid foundation and love for design, mixed with a passion for coding and problem solving. My mission for Jeanius! is to create beautiful designs, teamed with intelligent functionality.

I have successfully completed design projects for Formula 1 Photographers “Octane Photographic” and Discovery Channel film company “Adventure Film Collective”, large commercial website projects for international clients “Solhop”, whilst remaining passionate about promoting and helping local businesses with their brand identity and online visibility.

Whilst I am a freelance designer and developer, I have a great team around me that I can call upon depending on the client’s requirements. These range from illustrators and photographers to copy writers and back end developers. I find that this method is incredibly efficient and, with careful project planning, means that I can get the best people and skills to complete each task, without the overheads of running a staffed digital agency.

In my previous employment as a marketing and development manager, I learnt a great deal about project management, business processes and dealing with time-critical challenges. I have always been incredibly motivated, so I made the decision to set up Jeanius! so that I could turn my passion into a viable business. I have invested a great deal into the foundation of the business, so all of my hardware and software is less than 1 year old, I use the latest full-package Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and always ensure that I take the time to keep up to date on industry best practices and innovations.