A Useful Web Design Glossary

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

There’s nothing more frustrating than reading through articles and not knowing what on earth they’re talking about – mostly due to the number of industry-standard terms and absolutely no glossary telling you what’s what! Today I’m going to give you that little glossary of commonly used web-design related words, phrases and acronyms – do let me know if it helps you out!

Have I missed any? Drop me an email to hello@jeanius-design.co.uk and I’ll add it to the list!

Web Design

AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML: Used to make dynamic webpages that can retrieve live data without refreshing.
Bandwidth The amount of data being transferred over a network.
Bounce Rate Users on your site who leave on the same page that they started – ie, they do not hang around & bounce straight out.
Breadcrumbs The trail of your journey on the site, showing you what page you’re currently on.
Cache Files are stored in a cache to make loading web pages quicker, so they don’t need to keep loading the same content. Clearing your cache deletes all of these files. If the cache is not cleaned regularly, you may find your browser is loading old images from the cache, not new. If you refresh your page, it should force the website to load new images.
CMS Content Management System: A tool that makes it easier to change the content of a website, without having to dive into the technical code of a website.
CSS Cascading Style Sheet: Defines the look of a website.
DNS Domain Name Service: The service that directs where your domain name should look. IE. it tells your domain name where your server is and therefore what should be displayed at your domain name.
Domain Name This is your www. address. For example www.jeanius-design.co.uk is my domain name.
E-Commerce Electronic Commerce. The ability to sell products/services online.
Favicon The little square image that appears at the top of the browser, usually on the tab. I have a J! as my favicon.
HEX Hexadecimal: The code that defines a colour. For example, the Jeanius! green is colour #a59c10.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language: Commonly used language to make webpages.
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol: The rules that define requests between the web browser and the web server.
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Over SSL: As above, but via a secure & encrypted connection. Often found on e-commerce systems.
Hyperlink A clickable link from one webpage to another.
Landing Page When a visitor arrives on your website, the first page they see is the landing page.
Meta Data The meta data is hidden data in a website that describe what the website is about. Useful for Google & SEO purposes.
MySQL A database management system, typically used for webpage information.
PHP Personal Home Page (Now PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor): A scripting language that runs on a web server.
Pixel Tiny dots that make up the image on your screen.
Resolution The number of pixels displayed on a screen. For example 1366×768. There are 1366 pixels across and 768 pixels down. That’s 1,049,088 pixels in total!
SSL Secure Socket Layer: Technology to encrypt data transfer over the internet.
UI User Interface: The system that a viewer uses to interact with a service.
URL Uniform Resource Locator: This is the address in the top bar that specifies where you are on the internet.
UX User Experience: This the emotions and attitudes of a person viewing your web page.

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